Are you living your best life?

Are you the best version of yourself you can be?

These are questions I constantly ask myself and have driven me in my passion for learning the art and science of personal development.

Over the years, throughout all my studies, a couple of points have become very clear to me.

We are all unique beings, with unique gifts to offer the world.

We are all similar in how best we can develop ourselves to best realize and express our gifts.

I don’t know what’s unique about you. I don’t know what those special qualities are that only you bring into our world.

But, I do know the different practices and habits that you can build into your life to make best use of all that you’ve been given

This is the purpose of Ensology; to educate and inspire you so you are in the best position possible to realize the magnificent potential you were blessed with.

You have 3 aspects to yourself that each need to be carefully cultivated so you can reach your potential, express your gifts and live your best life.


You are intimately connected you physical body. Changes here can have a immense effect on every aspect of you, both positive and negative. By addressing your diet and physical fitness you can have a profound effect on both your inner and outer worlds.


Our mind can be our most vital ally, or, our greatest enemy. Through exercises in mindfulness, meditation, intention and affirmation we will mold your mind into the powerful tool that will help you transform your world.


Our ‘essence’ is our true selves. The observer behind your thoughts. The all powerful conscious spark that resides within us all. Through a process of spiritual development, we will develop your spark into a beacon of light, clarifying your goals and intentions and bringing forward the magnificent self you have carried within all along…

We each have these three key aspects to ourselves, and only when we pay attention and consciously nourish and develop each of these key areas can we hope to become the best versions of ourselves.

In learning to develop and reveal your true potential, you not only make your own life better, but you help improve the world around you. Our world needs your best self to step forward, now, more than ever. I look forward to joining you in your journey of self discovery.